There are several landscapes in a life, like breeze, sun shine, mountain range, wildflower and so on.

My design is brawn geometric and organic by hand drawing, is occurred "running and motion" of ink or paints.


"Running" is ink or paints soaks into paper and spreads out.

"Motion" is thickness of a line drawn with pen or brush changes depending on force and amount of ink.


The running and motion are able to be expressed only by hand drawing.

It is one of the important things in my work.




About one of illustration | Japanese calligraphy ink


Japanese calligraphy ink is a traditional Japanese painting medium.

I'm thinking that Japanese calligraphy ink can express deeply black than acrylic paint's black.

Its jet-black color is not overly noticeable, but it becomes powerful with a strong presence.

My illustration by using Japanese ink can be presented between Japanese and Western paintings, and be suitable to interior. 



Textile design

Sprout : Vibrant plant sprouted strongly at between stones.

Ripple : Gentle waves are continued to wherever on the sea. Surface of waves is sparkle by sun shine. 


light dots : Organic shape of energetic sun shine which leaked from window.

Soil : Vitality grassroots and stone in ground.

Breeze : Breeze stroked someone’s cheek follows with flow and goes to wherever.

Woods :Nature things like tree seed, branch, stone and so on. This drawing made by wood block print.




Book cover illustration


My illustration of "Arranged flowers in a vase" was used front cover of Haiku collection of Mr.Tomio Umezawa who is famous actor in Japan.


&Premium イラストレーション連載


30 illustrations were used to "&ILLUSTRATION" of magazine "&Premium".


a good view

Art poster illustration  

Drew 4 illustrations for brand of art poster "a good view".



traffa traffa

Interior textile design 

Designed each 5 colors of 5 textiles for interior fabrics.


Imabari towel

towel textile design 

Designed each 2 colors of 2 textiles for IMABARI towel.



kimono textile design 

Designed each 2 colors of 2 textiles for KIMONO of Shichi-go-san.

(Shichi-go-san is Japanese festival to celebrate the growth of children.)



socks textile design 

Designed each 3 colors of textiles for socks.



fashion textile design 

Designed each 4 colors of 3 textiles for clothes which produced by apparel brand "TUTIE.".


photo : Kenji Agata
photo : Kenji Agata


illustrator | textile designer 



I have been working as an illustrator and textile designer based in Tokyo since 2021, but I have moved to Germany since 2023.

I graduated from Tokyo Zokei University. I majored in printmaking. In University, I created works by woodblock, lithograph, and silkscreen. I use these techniques to create illustrations and textile designs.

Theme of my work is "A Little Happiness Softly in Your Heart". Indesigns and illustrations, I express scenes that have caught my mind in daily life and travels.

I have been working on a series of illustrations for magazines, book covers and illustrations of book, and corporate collaboration designs such as Imabari towels, kimonos, interior fabrics, calendars and so on. 


Carrier / Experience

2009~2013 : Tokyo Zokei University

- Major : Painting and woodblock print


2013~2018 : Stationeries brand company

- Product planning / Shop design / Graphic design


2018~2018 : Textile Manufacturer company

- Textile design / Product planning


2018~2019 : Construction design company

- Graphic design / Design article structure